Wednesday, June 1, 2016

You Are Today, What You Will Be Tomorrow

Think It, Believe It, Act on It and It Will Eventually Come True.
That is the basic premise of many of the books similar to "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill.  Many people believe the author is saying that all you need to do is think it and it will magically happen as a response from the "Universe". Some people will write this off as poppycock.  
But what I am finding, is that people need to understand how it works in practice.  As a manager, I see it all the time.  People stuck in positions, not knowing why.  Basically, it boils down to getting good at something and accepting it as your identity.  Then that person only looks for only those types of opportunities and gets "stuck".
What "Think and Grow Rich" is telling you is that you need to chang your thinking to get what you want.
So I am going to make myself a public experiment.
My goal is to become CEO of a large successful organization and I believe that I already have the ability to tackle that position.
I am going to chronicle my journey hoping other people will learn and get themselves out of their personal ruts.
The CEO of Southwest airlines, Herb Kellehr, was asked to choose only one area to focus on:  Customer Satisfaction, Shareholders, or Employees Happiness.  He choose Employee Happiness because "Happy Employees=Happy Customers=Increased Business/Profits=Happy Shareholders" (
The overall sentiment of the employees is a reflection of how well a CEO is performing.  One way for employees to feel special is for their names to be hear.  This is something that I learned reading "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie.  Also top CEOs have been recognized for remembering their employees names, greeting them personally, and remembering details about them.
Here is the list of all the people that I acknowledge and greet when I see them around the building:
[Redacted List of 140+ first names only and positive details associated with them.  The list included people form all around the company, at all levels and groups (both here and abroad) as well as teams including: sanitation engineers, food prep workers, executive management, software engineers, HR, product management, business development, facilities security, etc.) If I provided too much information about someone, I apologize.  
Hey you live and learn.]
The whole point is that a great CEO knows the people that work with him and understands the importance of good people in his/her organization.  A great CEO will do whatever it takes (ethically) to build trust with his/her employees and ensure that they feel appreciated.

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