I respect Jack Welch enormously.  He is a CEO I hope to emulate and learn from but I have to respectfully disagree that 3 of his 5 essential leadership traits are inborn (existing from birth)
Jack Welch defines “Passion” as “They care deeply. They sweat; they believe.”
Passion can be learned as well.
Everyone in the world is passionate about something in their lives.  It is that one thing or hobby which drives them because they want to feel a greater sense of accomplishment from doing the activity.  If you look carefully at these people, passion is a factor of two essential things: 1.) wanting to give their all to something and 2.) having the will to drive toward that goal faithfully.
Wanting to Give Your All to Something
What does it mean to want to give your all to something?  To some it may be the long hours of practice and study necessary to be the best at something.  To others it may be the preparation and effort needed to accomplish a difficult goal.  When we are passionate about something we focus every cell in our body toward that endeavor.  It is this extreme focus that allows you to sacrifice other things in your life that normal people deem essential.  It is taking time out of your personal life to learn, apply and practice the skills you need to move further in what you are passionate about. 
It is learning from the people who are regarded as the best in the industry.  Understanding what got them there and trying to emulate their practices but with consideration for your strengths, weaknesses and background.
It is learning to love what you are passionate about and dedicate yourself to a cause without reserve.  When you love what you do, you care deeply about it.  You believe in it almost to the point of delusion.  You suffer inordinate amounts of pain gleefully and with unabashed vigor.
You have to look at today as preparation for your eventual greatness.  Looking outside of your box to the horizon to make connections toward your envisioned future.
Thought Without Action is Worthless
I often hear people say that they “love” something.  Throwing around the term haphazardly without understanding its true meaning.  Love is not just words.  Words alone are shallow. Notice how you listen to and pay attention to your love.  Watching intently when she/he lights up about different things and then following through to meet those desires and needs. Face every day with the same attention that you give to your love.  Be committed to making things better by taking actionable steps toward your goal every day. 
As you see yourself getting closer to your goals you will feel the passion growing in your heart.  It will become easier to give up distractions and non-productive behavior getting in the way of reaching your goals.  There may be occasional setbacks but if you are consistent and dedicated you will work through those setbacks and be stronger for it.